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May 12, 2008 ‘Baby’ gates get designer makeover for animal lovers

And at least one entrepreneur has taken the simple gate to an even higher level, by having it made over with the help of the Rhode Island Institute of Design, Babson College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to get an upscale, furniture-grade look with classy curves and ease of use.

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April 7, 2008 The Seattle Times

Dog Tired

Dear teeny-tiny condo dweller, I'm talkin' to you. No room in that 382 square feet of living space for the dog's bed? Have you considered a Murphy dog bed? Thought not.

Yes, indeed, the Pet Murphy Bed by Midnight Pass is, by day, a rather attractive-looking cabinet made of rubber wood in black, mahogany or natural finish that stands 3 feet tall and a mere 10 inches deep. Perhaps to be used as a bar or bookshelf? Fold it out to reveal a 22-by-28-inch foam mattress (4 inches thick) that holds up to 200 pounds.

By day, bar/bookshelf. By night, dog bed. The Pet Murphy Bed is $279.95 and can be found at or your dog is named Murphy, this could be particularly amusing.

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Jan 11, 2006 Luxury Housing

Murphy beds have been out of style for many a decade, but Midnight Pass has brought them back. Sort of. Their version is for pets, and the bed is tucked away in a cabinet, so guests will never know its there. But at night, or whenever Fido wants a nap, you simply pull the bed down, just like with a murphy bed. The cabinet is made of ecologically sensitive rubber-tree wood that measures two feet wide by three feet tall by 10 inches deep. The price for the hideaway pet bed is $199

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Dec 12, 2005

Quick! Hide the bed!

Murphy beds hit their peak in the era of flappers and bread lines. But this doggie version is an interesting option for anyone with a space that's too small and a dog that's too indulged. The fold-down bed's cabinet is made of ecologically sensitive rubber-tree wood and measures 2 feet wide by 3 feet high by 10 inches deep, $199.95, at or call 877- 897-7700. Copyright 2005 Newsday Inc.

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April 2005 Relevant Radio in Lacrosse, Wisconsin

In the wake of Wisconsin's "Cat Hunting Law," Brad White offers 10 free Kittywalk Outdoor Pet Enclosures to residents of Wisconsin who adopt a stray cat and have it spayed and neutered.

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February 2005 Interview with Brad White on Animal Radio

Brad White, president and founder of Midnight Pass, talks about Kittywalk, Petometer and the snow on Animal Radio's Good Products for Great Pets.

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Feb 9, 2004 Las Vegas SUN by Lisa Ferguson

Dogged by Love

Instead of stressing over your lack of a significant other, spend the evening in the company of someone who consistently showers you with kisses and attention, only asking in return for the occasional scratch behind the ears and (maybe) to share your bed.

Doesn't Fido deserve at least that much consideration on Valentine's Day? Heck, for that sort of dedication, probably a whole lot more.

Show Spot (or Fluffy, as the case may be) how much you care by taking your four-legged friend out for a, um, romantic moonlit walk in The Pet Stroller ($129.95), available through online-gift retailer

The stroller's open-mesh carrier is designed to hold small dogs (up to 25 pounds) and cats, and attaches to a wheeled cart. When your pet pal is not on board, the carrier can be separated from the cart, and the latter can be used to haul groceries and such.

Don't own a pint-sized pooch? Maybe you wouldn't be caught dead behind the handle of some wimpy buggy. Either way, it's not a problem: A larger "SUV" stroller model ($189.95) is also available.

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Pet Transporters Catch on Among Urban Set

The idea of a pet stroller invokes images of aged, fur-clad ladies pushing their spoiled shiatsu's in Victorian prams, but that’s hardly fair to Lise King’s eminently practical invention.

Able to haul animals weighing up to 50 pounds, Ms. King’s pet strollers are designed for owners of mid-size dogs — or enormous cats — and are more likely to be used by the straphanger set.

“ It’s a wonderful vehicle for people who live in cities, where they have to take their cats to the vet in those heavy, awkward carriers,” said Ms. King, adding that the strollers are useful for transporting pets that are old or injured.

The canvas-and-mesh kennels are mounted on a steel frame with wheels, and pass the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s rules requiring pets to be “carried in kennels or similar containers.” The kennel is removable for off-road carrying.

Dec 10, 2003 CBS Early Show

Kittywalk PetStroller: Great for city dwellers with elderly pets or ones that have arthritis or hip dysplasia. Collapsible, and can take anywhere. $129.95-189.95 at or by calling 1-877-844-4438.

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2002 Martha Stewart Living®, Marc Marrone segment.

Marc Marrone reviews the Kittywalk Lawn version and shows us not only why it's good for your cat, but for your neighborhood wildlife as well.

Video No Longer Available

July 16, 1999 Recommended Website from
Publishers of PC World, Games.Net, MacWeek, Info World and the Dummies Books Series.


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