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For Immediate Release June 13, 2003
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Top 5 reasons to Take Your Dog to Work

DATELINE: MARSHIELD HILLS, MA Would you like to pay your helper doggie treats
instead of wages? Your pooch would prefer it. But you only get one chance a year to see just
how well your dog can perform on the job.

The fifth annual Take Your Dog to Work Day, June 20th is the day, and it’s not too far away to
start planning. Thousands of companies across the country have participated over the past four
years in this event. Employers will be able to experience first hand the benefits of the positive
impact of pets in the workplace.

And the cause behind it all is one that strikes home with any pet owner – helping homeless dogs
find happy homes by encouraging dog-less coworkers to adopt homeless pets from their local
shelters, humane societies and rescue groups.

Top 5 reasons to Take Your Dog to Work
5. Having a pet around makes everybody smile! Including you.
4. Your customers love them too and will be impressed by your support.
3. Your dog is a good excuse to take a break and go outside for a walk.
2. Because who ever heard of working like a cat?
1. And the number one reason you should take your dog to work:

Your actions can help save homeless pet’s lives!
You can plan your pet’s travel participation by visiting
Want to walk to work, or get out for a mid-morning walk break? Pet Stroller by Kittywalk
Systems is ready when you are. Just unfold it and your puppy or young adult dog (cats too) hops
in for an open-air stroll to tour the town with your pet. It’s also a lightweight, netted carrier
included complete with privacy parlor.

Getting to work is easy with MidnightPass’s PupUp! Pet Ramp. Instead of breaking your back
heaving Fido into your car, just set up PupUp on your SUV’s tailgate or mini vans' cargo bay and
he’ll stroll right on up and in safely, easily and quickly. Your old boy will thank you as he walks
up the positive traction ramp with safety rails. And it folds up quickly and easily to store in your

You know your dog will want to have some outdoor time that day, and with MidnightPass’s
Puppywalk Portable Outdoor Dog Enclosure (also designed by Kittywalk Systems) you can give
him all the fresh air he needs. It’s lightweight and easily portable, giving your small dog or
puppy a 10 foot long outdoor open-air mesh enclosure. Too much sun? Then just add the
Puppywalk KABANA Sunshade & Ground Blanket to let your helper enjoy the day in the cool

If your pooch or cat is going to help out in the office, you might want to take preventative
measures with your computer. The Kittywalk Keyboard Cover and Mouse House which can
prevent your pet from sending memos to the wrong people by covering and protecting your
computer keyboard.

Midnight Pass endorses Take Your Dog to Work Day on June 20 and is ready to help you pull
off a special day for you and your pal. has been providing pet owners with a
variety of products for years, including Kittywalk Outdoor Cat Enclosures, Pet Strollers,
Kittywalk Penthouse Vertical Enclosure and Kittywalk Door Climber, Kitties Room and other
fine products that let your indoor pet safely enjoy the great outdoors. These and other pet
products are available at

MidnightPass continues its tradition of offering innovative products with immediate delivery for
consumers everywhere. The company’s product line covers pets, home and office, travel, auto
and safety, children, recreation and family fun, and yard, deck and garden. And satisfaction is
guaranteed. You must be totally delighted with your MidnightPass products or they make it right
for you, with 60 days to make up your mind.

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