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Midnight Pass®, Inc. manufactures, markets and distributes Products That Make Sense™. We specialize in high-quality, non electronic goods with a focus on recreational products for pets and people as well as high quality functional decor items for interior and exterior design.

Midnight Pass® manufactures, markets and distributes these and other Products That Make Sense...


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Latest News:

10/28/08 - Midnight Pass Fall Press Release

06/25/08 - Midnight Pass to Debut Many New Products in 2008

06/23/08 - Midnight Pass Purchases Additional Product Line from Florida Based

05/12/08 - Universal Press Syndicate Article on the new generation of pet gates features Midnight Pass President, Brad White.

04/18/08 - MPI Picks Lambert Cycles as the Exclusive Canadian Distributor of Pet Cruiser® Bicycle Products.

04/7/08 - Pet Murphy Bed appears in Seattle Times.

03/21/08 - Pet Murphy Bed Now Available at Copley Fairmont in Boston, MA

02/19/08 - Midnight Pass® Reveals New Pet Products at 2008 APPMA

01/25/08 - 2008 Pet Age Annual Pinnacle Awards Edition - "Here’s a look at some of the people, products and companies that define innovation in the pet industry today," featuring continued industry innovation from Midnight Pass .... Click here for full article!

11/13/07 - The newest product for Interior Design... Bed Boots!

10/31/07 - Midnight Pass Unveils New Pet Products for a Happy 2007 Holiday

10/08/07 - HH Backers Show Special available to all Midnight Pass Wholesale Customers: Free Freight on orders of over $150.00 through 10/19/07 Place orders by calling (877) 897.7700

10/05/07 - Midnight Pass Ramps Up Product Line for October Backers Show.

09/20/07 - Pet Cruisers® make thier Interbike Debut in Las Vegas in 2007.

09/14/07 - Midnight Pass® To Release Six Hot New Pet Products for 2008.

08/03/07 - Midnight Pass® Thinks Safety with the Life-Saving SOS Emergency Vehicle Escape Hammer.

01/29/07 - Midnight Pass Joins APPMA, becomes C-TPAT certified to speed up imports and enjoys increased market penetration from the introduction of many new items in 2007.

11/14/06 - Midnight Pass® Joins APPMA

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